How do I know my size?
Please use the fitting chart here, to help you find the fit that is perfect for your beautiful body. Remember that size is a meaningless method for helping you find the best fitting luxury sustainable swimsuit. Knowing that all bodies are different and beautiful in their own way, if you are still unsure which size to purchase email Alexa at info@bodyloveswimwear.com. We would be happy to help! 

Which celebrities have worn Body Love Swimwear?
Are you a celebrity? Because we know you are a STAR! We are always looking for models like you to grace the pages of our website and catalog. 

What do I do if my size is sold out?
You would be shocked to know that particular sizes often sell out but also get restocked! If you didn’t get a VIP email from us about your favorite swimwear going back on the shelves, email us.

Is everything on this website made ethically and sustainably?
Thank you for asking this question. We appreciate your interest in being a more conscious consumer and caring about the planet and all people. Body Love Swimwear will only work with manufacturers and factories where employees receive training on their rights and have confidential channels to report grievances or complaints, both within and outside the facility. We have done extensive research to make sure all the factories we work with make women’s rights a priority and have specific provisions to protect women’s rights, prevent sexual harassment, and promote equal pay. We also take pride in the sustainable materials we source for swimwear, swim extras, promotion and shipping materials. 

Do you ship internationally?
Oh yes we do girl! We are happy to offer international shipping! We want all babes to have access to sustainable, high-quality swimwear. It will be a flat fee of $25 for all international orders. It will take approximately 10-21 business days to arrive.  If you run into any issues placing an order, please email us at info@bodyloveswiwmear.com.  For all orders sent outside the USA,  we can not offer an exchange or refund for any items, so it is considered a final sale. Thank you for understanding!

How do I feel more confident in my swimwear?
Love yourself for more than just your soft, squishy, ever-growing and self-healing body. Yes, our company and brand name is Body Love Swimwear but we believe body love extends deeper than the love you have for your body but the soul within it. Your soul is beautiful, and every body is deserving of that love. For more support on self-love and body acceptance check out our charity partner www.everybodydeserveslove.org.

Now we suggest the following for undeniable confidence; slip on your Body Love Swimwear, strike a powerful pose, and walk that sandy beach, city street, or pool party like it’s your damn runway! You got this babe! 

Does your swimwear come with breast padding? If so, is it removable?
Rarely. To be honest, it is nearly impossible to find or create the right fitting swimwear removable cup. As you know, all breasts are wonderfully unique, even the two that are paired together. Our most recent poll about this FAQ shows that most of our babes prefer cupless swimwear so they can embrace the natural shapes of their breasts. As you know, all breasts are wonderfully unique, even the two that are paired together.

How is your swimwear "eco-friendly"?
We love this frequently asked question because we take pride in our eco-friendly swimwear! Our swimwear is sustainable and eco-friendly because of the fabrics we use. Our luxury fabrics are  created like magic from recycled materials using ocean waste (such as, fish nets, plastic bottles, and old nylons) which is then recycled and transformed into a high-quality, soft, and supportive material- perfect for Body Love Swimwear!

What do I do when it comes to washing my swimwear?
We recommend hand washing all suits with cold water and hang dry in a non-sunny spot! While we do not recommend washing your bathing suit in the washing machine, it’s not always convenient to hand-wash your suit. If you must wash your swimwear in a machine, please wash on the gentle cycle and you must know there could be changes in the fabric color or sizing.

Any other questions?
Please email us at info@bodyloveswimwear.com